Sunnyside is a welcoming outport on the Isthmus of Avalon, the narrow strip of land that joins the Avalon Peninsula (where St. John’s is located) to the rest of the province. The community starts at the Trans Canada Highway and meanders along the coast for eight kilometres to the wharf at the end of town

People have lived here for thousands of years. The location once attracted ancient peoples and today it has attracted several oil-related industries. The area has also figured prominently in several significant events in our island’s history. Story boards at Truce Sound Lookout (1 km from the Trans Canada Highway) provides information about these events.

We have two outstanding hiking trails: Truce Sound Coastal Trail is just 1 km from the Trans Canada Highway and is an easy to moderate hike o 1.5 km each way; Centre Hill Wilderness Trail starts near the wharf at the end of town and takes you on a 5 km hike (each way) to the highest point in eastern Newfoundland where you will enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the area.