There are a number of great hiking & walking trails within the community as well as a short distance away in both Come By Chance and Arnold’s Cove as part of the “Hike the Isthmus” trail system. We encourage visitors to take a peek at the information below on our trails, and always hike safe!



Centre Hill Wilderness Trail

Centre Hill is a Sunnyside landmark and the highest peak in eastern Newfoundland. The trail starts 8 km from the Trans Canada Highway at the far end of the community and takes you to the top of Centre Hill. From there, you will enjoy a spectacular vista and a glimpse of five different bays.

The trail takes you across a river and through forest, barrens and a bakeapple marsh. There is a new bridge at the beginning of the trail, but be prepared for wet spots along the trail. Birds are in abundance and ospreys often nest at the bottom of the hill. You may see a moose. If not, a moose will likely see you.

The trail is 5 km long – that’s 10 km in all, so plan for half a day. It is moderate most of the way but ends with a strenuous 400-metre climb to the top.


Truce Sound Coastal Trail & Peace Garden

The Truce Sound Trail and Peace Garden was developed in 2012 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the only recorded meeting between English (Governor John Guy) and a group of Beothuk. It was a joyous event. The two groups danced, exchanged gifts and shared a meal.

The Trail starts at Parsons Lane, about 1 km from the Trans Canada Highway. It is an easy to moderate 3 km hike (1.5 km each way) that takes you along the coast and through woodland to Frenchman’s Island. There are bridges over the streams and wet areas have been filled in – but you should still wear appropriate footwear for hiking in wet areas.

Although the exact site of the meeting is not known, we do know it was on or near Frenchman’s Island and that J. Guy and his men started to build a shelter on the island for future meetings. Unfortunately, Guy returned to Bristol the following year and subsequent meetings between European and Beothuk were not as friendly. A peace memorial has been erected on the island in memory of this historic event and the Ancient Peoples that lived and laughed on these shores centuries ago.

Frenchman’s Island is properly termed a tombolo because it is joined to the shore by a sandspit that is only occasionally under water.


Badger Brook Walking Trail and Picnic Area

This trail was created for Sunnyside residents who enjoy walking but do not want to walk on the main road. There is a gazebo and plenty of room to play or enjoy a picnic The area is also used for our annual soiree and other summer events. The photo shows a group of landlocked pirates that arrived during last year’s Festival.